Customize your jewelry with unique engraving

Why have the same jewelry with the same style of inscription as everyone else? We at Veso Design can craft for you completely custom, hand engraved personalizations of your wedding bands, rings, jewelry, and personal items like Zippo lighter, firearms, knives, and more.

To learn more about these services, how to contact us, and what we need to get started, read the information on this page. If you are ready to learn more, contact Veso Design today and ask for a quote on your project.

More about our Engraving Services for Jewelry

We can work with gold, platinum, silver, and palladium, and have worked carefully with both antiques and heirlooms, and brand new rings as part of a set. Even if you don’t have a fully detailed design ready, we will help you determine how best to personalize your jewelry to perfectly fit its bearer.

Veso Design has worked with future brides and grooms, the bearers of inherited heirlooms, and men and women who have been married for many years, all interested in customizing their rings in some way. From custom engraved patterns to lettering in different languages with a special message for your partner, our engraver can make your idea a reality.

Whether it is an antique ring that you want to personalize for your future spouse or you want to make something special of your recently selected wedding bands, our engraver can engrave your rings and wedding bands to fit your needs. On the Gallery page you will find examples of engraved bands and rings, with a number of different styles of patterns.

To learn more about our ring and wedding band engraving services, contact us through the form on the Contact Page. Be sure to provide as much information as possible about the ring you would like engraved, including any patterns, lettering, or other instructions to determine the scope of the project. We will be in touch as soon as possible to help make your dream of a customized jewelry a reality.

A Personal Touch

Veso Design has been hand engraving rings and wedding bands for many years, with expertise in gold and platinum bands that allows for breathtaking customizations.
If you want to ensure the rings and bands worn by you and your spouse are as unique as a single snowflake, our engraver can make it a reality, crafting for you a perfect representation of your love. See the full range of our work on our Gallery page.